“In the course of operation of factories, the generation of solid, liquid, gaseous and dust waste is inevitable. Therefore, the treatment of these pollutants is very important to protect the environment and protect the health of workers and the community”.

Depending on the type of dust, weight, temperature, composition of dust, chemical composition of exhaust gas, humidity … we can choose the treatment equipment to suit the most. . It also determines the selection of the appropriate levels of treatment to achieve two economic and technical criteria. At these treatment facilities, if the dust is removed, the dust will be separated by a separate discharge line, if the toxic gas is absorbed and the contents are transported out Neutralize into substances that are not harmful to the environment. Products are applied mainly for the following industries:
• Building materials industry: bricks, cement
• Steel and steel rolling industry
• Industrial wood processing industry
• Coal mining, quarrying, grinding
• paint industry
• Feed industry.