LEDs are always used by industrial parks and large premises because they both save power and have high brightness and long life. Understanding that, LED VSun constantly improve product quality and design to bring the best for lighting systems in industrial parks and factories.

LED GSun is proud to be the supplier of LED lighting for Texhong Hai Ha Industrial Park.

Texhong Hai Ha Industrial Zone is located in Quang Dien Commune, Hai Ha District, Quang Ninh Province. It is a large and prominent industrial park of Quang Ninh Province. The more than 3,000 hectares of Texhong Hai Ha Industrial Park includes 3 spinning mills, 3 fabric weaving workshops and 2 dyeing workshops. All of the factories in the Texhong Hai Ha Industrial Park are illuminated by VSUN LEDs, which help them to operate machines more efficiently and work more efficiently.

The factory is illuminated under the lights of Vsun LED

Factory workers with clear LED lighting

LEDs VSun continuously illuminates the factory providing the best light source for the workers

Ceilings are equipped with LED lighting systems that provide the widest range of light for the worker to work

Some pictures of the workshops of the Texhong Hai Ha industrial park under the LED light VSun:

Over the years, the LED lighting system at the factories of the Haihong Texhong Industrial Park is still illuminated day and night to serve the workers and help the industrial park develop well, save electricity and other expenses for the system. light here.

LED VSun is constantly striving to bring a fresh source of light to homes, factories and buildings. On the way to Vietnamese lighting, the company is looking forward to receive the support of customers, which is the source of our motivation to promote, enhance and improve the quality of LED VSun, Bring the free LED light to every home!