Located right in the heart of Hanoi, the National Cinema Center is shimmering under the lights of Vsun LED. With a wide range of capacities and designs, Vsun LEDs are available throughout the center, giving the cinema a fresh source of light and shimmer in the night sky of Hanoi.

The National Cinema Center is a multi-purpose cinema with 10 movie theaters, 35mm, 2D, 3D and 4D cinemas. – Performing arts – Event and entertainment services to serve the Capital Audience. All of them are decorated and installed with LEDs with brightness spreading throughout the rooms.

Theaters of the Center have a total of 1,522 seats with more than 60 seats per day. The largest room of 402 seats, the smallest room 85 seats are lit in accordance with the brightness of the movie room and friendly to the eye.

Ticket boxes are installed and decorated with brilliant lighting systems

VSun LED lighting illuminates the whole room.

High quality lighting system with a combination of LED ceiling and LED phase.

4D movie room with LED lighting system shining brightly.

Cinema Complex – Performing Arts – Event is a 5-storey building, the front of Lang Ha Street is also brightly lit.

2nd Floor – The Performing Arts Center is where audiences can enjoy a variety of exotic art shows that take place weekly. This area is arranged to install a lot of LED ceiling lights with white light, gold combined, make the room more respectful.

Level 3 and 4 – Event space with capacity of over 700 seats is a place for organizing film events, conferences, seminars, press conferences, wedding receptions, gratitude for customers, birthdays … and services. entertainment, food. This area is arranged to install a full color LED lamps with a variety of capacity for romantic parties and luxury.

Floor 5 – The gallery is also light, luxurious.

  Over the years, the VSL LEDs still lit up the National Film Center, bringing the Center to prominence in the sky.

LED VSun is high strength, low heat, strong shock resistance, especially energy saving up to 5 times compared to traditional lighting. With 100-1000 times faster light output than incandescent and Compaq lamps, VSun LEDs have light that is close to the natural light to help protect the user’s vision.

Our company has many lines of LEDs for civil and industrial purposes that bring high economic efficiency to meet the demand of civil lighting industry and in accordance with the current purchasing power of the market. The company is expanding its LED workshop to meet not only Vietnamese market but also export to Korea and some other countries.

On the way to bring light to each family and on all roads, the company is looking forward to receive the attention and support of customers! We are, are and will always try to create the best quality LED products, proud to be VSun Vietnam LED brand!